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The Best Salons In New Zealand For Curly Hair

Find Out New Zealand’s Best Salons For Your Curly Hair Image Source:  Via Adrian Fernández By Shilpa Bhim A lot of you Ginas from across the ditch have been asking for some tips on the best salons in New Zealand for curly hair, like this list we pulled together for our Aussie Ginas. Here at Damn Gina, we are all about giving you Ginas what you want! So, we have rounded up the top salons for curly hair across New Zealand.  From the North Island to the South Island, consider this your little black book for a curly-haired dalliance or two. North Island Salons Vivo Salon, Mairangi Bay, Auckland If you’re looking for a curly hair specialist in Auckland or...
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The Best Hair Salons In Australia For Curly Hair

 Keep Your Curly Hair  In Check By Visiting One Of These Gina Approved Salons!  Source:  Philipe Cavalcante  on Unsplash   By: Shilpa Bhim Alright Ginas, it’s time to get serious about caring for your curly, wavy or textured hair. Your first order of business? Finding a hair salon that caters to the natural movement in your hair so you can rock that gorgeous mane you were blessed with at birth!   Anyone with a bit of curl, wave or texture in their hair knows that finding a hairdresser that treats your strands with the respect that deserve is no easy task. Fortunately for you, we’ve scoured all of Australia to find out the best salons for your curly hair.   ...
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Journey To Loving Your Curls Feat. Ash Paraskevas

  Learn All About Ash Paraskevas Curly Hair Journey Image Source:  Via Instagram @ashparaskevas By Shilpa Bhim   Welcome to our latest series, Ginas. Through the Journey To Loving Your Curls we will share the curly hair journeys of some amazing curly haired guys and gals.    We will highlight the ups and downs and general experiences that different people with curly hair have experienced on the road to loving the curls they were born with.    First up, the wonderful Ashlyn Paraskevas. Ash is a Melbourne based beauty and style blogger and influencer who is all about wholeheartedly being yourself. Ash is known for her gorgeous curls, and her epic hair care and styling tips – she rocks her...
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The Best Beauty Tips 5 Fabulous Ladies Received From Their Mums

Mum Knows Best! Find Out The Best Beauty Tips From Some Fabulous Mums. Image Source:  Sai De Silva   By Shilpa Bhim Most of you Ginas will have heard the saying that mum always knows best.  Well, it’s a saying for a reason. Because mums always do know what’s best, especially when it comes to beauty tips!  In celebration of Mother’s Day in Australia this Sunday 10 May, we asked 5 fabulous ladies to share the best beauty tips from their mums with us. And, we’re sharing these little nuggets of beauty wisdom with you. So let’s get to it! Roj Torabi Roj is a lawyer by day and a skinfluencer and host of the Roject Podcast by night. This Gina...
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The 12 Best Products To Help Put The Bounce In Your Curly Hair

Find Out Which Products Will Keep Your Curly Hair Looking Fabulous And Fresh!
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Curly Girl Method 101: Your Step-By-Step Guide To Beautiful Curls

Created by Lorraine Massey, the Curly Girl Method is about treating your curls (or waves or texture) with love, care and respect.   It encourages healthy hair habits to let your natural curl pattern shine. This means ruling our nasties (aka the things that don’t give your hair the TLC it deserves) like drying shampoos, heat, silicon and brushes.   The term  ‘co-washing’ is also attributed to the Curly Girl Method which means you skip the shampoo as it could be drying your locks out and stick to conditioner for a ton of hydration and bounce instead!
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Why You Need To Know Your Curl Pattern (And How To Figure It Out)

  Find Out What Your Curl Pattern Is Using Our Gina Approved Guide.   Image Source:   Andre Walker     By Shilpa Bhim   Alright Ginas, it’s time to educate ourselves on all the different types of curl pattern out there.   A lot of us have some form of curl, wave or texture in our hair. In fact, multiple different textures can be doing their thing on one person’s head at any one time.   With each hair type comes a different set of hair care rules. So, to help you but your best tresses forward, I’m breaking down each curl pattern type.   Whether you’re rocking one curl pattern or many, keep reading so you can say hello...
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7 Fabulous And Easy Textured Hairstyles To Rock During The Holiday Season

Find Out How To Style Your Textured Hair This Holiday Season.
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A Curly Hair Specialist On Why More Australian Brands Need To Cater To Textured Hair

Find Out Why More Brands In Australia Need To Cater To Textured Hair. By Shilpa Bhim Listen up Australia, it’s time for you to embrace your beautiful, natural, textured hair! Why? Because whether you’re rocking waves, curls, coils or a whole range of texture you are beautiful just the way you are, girl. To add to that truth, around 65 per cent of women have naturally curly or wavy hair. Australia is a diverse nation made up of First Peoples, and people of European, Asian, Indian, African and Middle Eastern Descent. All of that diversity, and peoples’ personal preferences, meaning we are all rocking different hair colours, lengths and textures. So with a whole range of hair types all over...
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