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How to deal with thinning hair

Everybody loses their hair, it’s a fact of life! The rate and reasons differ between individuals (obvs), but it’s nothing to ashamed of or disgusted by. Our hair has a natural hair growth cycle, and by design needs to come out eventually.
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How to tell fake silk from the real stuff

Call us bias, but we think silk is pretty spectacular. A quick read on how to spot fake silk. You will never know when these tips can come handy.
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Ultimate sleep test - with and without the silk hair turban

Watch our social media co-ordinator Jonti and her very best friend (/housemate) Lucy as they put our Signature Silk hair wrap to the test. 
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Journey To Loving Your Curls Feat. Jazba Singh

Welcome to the latest installment of Journey To Loving Your Curls, Ginas. This week we are sharing the highs, lows and everything in between of Jazba (Jaz) Singh’s curly hair journey.
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The Best Salons In New Zealand For Curly Hair

A lot of you Ginas from across the ditch have been asking for some tips on the best salons in New Zealand for curly hair, like this list we pulled together for our Aussie Ginas.
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The Best Hair Salons In Australia For Curly Hair

Alright Ginas, it’s time to get serious about caring for your curly, wavy or textured hair. Your first order of business?
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Journey To Loving Your Curls Feat. Ash Paraskevas

Welcome to our latest series, Ginas. Through the Journey To Loving Your Curls we will share the curly hair journeys of some amazing curly haired guys and gals. 
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The Best Beauty Tips 5 Fabulous Ladies Received From Their Mums

Most of you Ginas will have heard the saying that mum always knows best. Well, it’s a saying for a reason. Because mums always do know what’s best, especially when it comes to beauty tips! 
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The 12 Best Products To Help Put The Bounce In Your Curly Hair

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by the curls on your head showing you a little too much sass. You know what I’m talking about, right Ginas? 
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Curly Girl Method 101: Your Step-By-Step Guide To Beautiful Curls

Created by Lorraine Massey, the Curly Girl Method is about treating your curls (or waves or texture) with love, care and respect. It encourages healthy hair habits to let your natural curl pattern shine.
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Let customers speak for us

623 reviews
signature silk hair turban™
Courtney (Sydney, AU)
A revelation

I can usually only wear my hair down for the first day after washing, after a night's sleep it is usually too matted and tables to tame. Once I started wearing this luscious turban to bed, I was able to wear my hair loose for several days, and in a bouncy, shiny ponytail for a few more!
I have wavy heavily bleached hair, and this worked perfectly for me, give it a go!

signature silk hair turban™
Jaclyn (Adelaide, AU)

I don’t have curly hair but I absolutely love this turban, gets all my hair away from my face for sleep and I wake up with way less knots. Can’t go to bed without wearing it now!

silk-lined bucket hat
Alicia (Brisbane, AU)
Beautiful hat

This is the 2nd hat I’ve bought as I love the feel and how fashionable the hat looks. Doesn’t mess up my hair and can fold the hat up.

damn good silk pillowcase
Dianne (Newtown, AU)
Exactly what I was after

Exactly what I was after, pillows fit in easily & there's a large fold over lip so it won't slip out.

signature silk hair turban™ -black
Sarina Karozis (Sydney, AU)

Turban is comfy to wear but is too big and I ordered the medium. I think a smaller size needs to be on offer, so it slips around a lot on my head when I’m asleep. I’m not sure if it’s made much difference to keep my hair frizz free but I will continue to use in the hope I will see some results