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damn good silk pillowcase

damn good silk pillowcase


Gina says:

O M Gina!

that's right. You will be saying my name every time you touch these pillowcases. 

Is there anything more luxurious than sleeping on silk? Go on. I will wait. 

My silk pillowcases are made from 100% mulberry silk that feels so soft to sleep on.

But they do so much more.

See, sleeping on a cotton pillowcase pulls at your skin and hair, leaving your face creased and hair all messy.

But with a soft silk pillowcase, your face glides across the surface like Michelle Kwan on an ice rink, protecting you from wrinkles and keeping your expensive night cream on your face all night. 

Pair with a silk hair wrap for the ultimate beauty sleep. Or grab one for your man to help him keep his skin in check (tell him Jay Z owns two).

Get the deets

  • 100% pure mulberry 27 momme silk fabric
  • Standard pillowcase size

The tea: I have tried each and every offering of the pillowcase - from Amazon to eBay, from so-called "original" to high end - and had to make something better than all of them. 

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27 momme silk. The highest quality silk pillowcases. 

What is momme? 

The weight of the silk fabric. The higher the momme number, the better the quality of silk. 27 momme silk is thicker making it last longer. 

Gentle hand wash in cold water.

Dry cleanable. 

Use it everyday for thermo regulated, frictionless beauty sleep.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

The pillow is so soft and has been the next best thing to the hair wrap. It feels so luxurious. I wake up with less fly aways and my frizzy wavy hair is so soft and easy to manage.I have tried satin pillows before and this pillow case blows them out of the park!!
It has also help with my eyelash extensions staying put for longer!! haha

This is LUXE!!

This is absolutely luxurious to the touch. The silk of this pillowcase is actually more plush than I could have imagined... and I need to commend the quality & stitching of this piece. I don’t think I could ever be without this now. Totally serious!
Ps. I feel like a princess with my head on this pillowcase! My skin is loving the feels too!
Thank you Gina xxx

Love it!

Honestly the best thing I have brought! I’ve already noticed a difference using the pillowcase!


I have purchased the silk pillowcases and tried them for a few weeks before I jump on here to write this review.

These are the best pillowcases I have ever had, they are very comfortable soft on the skin. Now I wake up and my hair is no longer frizzy. They are also thicker and more durable than others in the market, also very easy to wash.

I got the teal color which is so beautiful. I am in love :)

I definitely recommend damaging!


This silk pillow case is an absolute dream. I look forward to going to sleep every night now because I just love them so much. Makes my hair less frizzy when I wake up, and it just feels so soft and luxurious. I’ve trialed a few silk pillow cases before but this was by far the best. Definitely recommend them.