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How to

Measure your head for the right size

Below illustration shows how to measure your head before making the purchase for the turban. 

Measure your head along the hair line from your forehead to ears and nape of the neck. You can include or exclude the ears depending on your personal preference. 

measure your head for the right turban size


How to - Wear the turban

We could write lengthy notes, step by step guides that you may never read, illustrations of someone with perfect curls (there is nothing called "Perfect curls")

or we could just leave a link to our Youtube of "How-to" so you get an idea ;)

I know you appreciate this! ;)





We also have a highlights section on our Instagram on how-to wear the turban. 



How to choose the right turban size for your head

Damn Gina turbans come in two sizes - Medium and Large. There is an elastic at the back of the turban, making it adjustable for various head sizes. 

There is no elastic in the front of the turban.

The medium measures about 52 CMS relaxed and can stretch up to 56 CMS. This size works on most heads with a measurement of less than 56 CMS. 

The large turban measures 56 CMS relaxed and can stretch up to 60 CMS and fits most heads from 57 CMS to 60 CMS. 

The exceptions for the above measurements

If you have very long (below bra strap) and super thick hair OR hairstyles like box braids, dreadlocks, etc,. we recommend going for the large even for head sizes less than 56 CMS. This allows more room for your hair. 

Please note: This is just a recommendation only. The final decision is solely yours. If you still have questions, you can get in touch with us at attention@damngina.com.au and we can help you further. 


 Wash and care for  your silk goodies 

All our products are dyed with non toxic dyes. The better you care for silk, the longer it lasts. 

Silk is dry cleanable 

You can hand-wash silk in cold water.

Always wash the colours separately from the whites. Some strong colours may bleed the first time. Please hand-wash them in cold water separately the first time. 

Machine Wash 

Use a delicates bag and do a delicate cold water cycle for all your silk garments. Wash colours separately from the whites.

Do not bleach and use a mild detergent.




Let customers speak for us

523 reviews
Best hat!

Fantastic hat for those with curly hair - really helps prevent frizz and fits comfortably. The different size option is amazing and I always need a larger size but bucket hats are normally 'one size fits all'. Colour options are amazing - I can't wait to get another one!

Never had smoother hair!!

My curls have never been smoother or softer then since I’ve been sleeping with my turban! It’s like a crazy romance, but it’s never been better!!
My eyes are also thankful to have the luxe and super soft eye mask against them every night! Scrunchies don’t dig into my hair, leave minimal kinks and I love the look of them!
I’ll definitely be repurchasing


I'm doing the curly girl method and this wrap is a life savor! Super easy to pop my hair in at night and after a shower! 10/10

Doesn't stay on

Really cute but I've used it twice and both times it's slipped off overnight. The elastic is uncomfortable to sleep in too.

Beautiful quality

This turban is gorgeous. Beautiful craftsmanship and high quality construction. I bought a size too large and so it isn’t staying on my head during the night - but I’m certain that the right size one will.