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Medium (52 cm) - Fits 52 - 58 cm head
Large (58 cm) - Fits 58 - 62 cm head
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Gina Says:

Whilst a lucky few may be able to arise from their slumber with perfectly tousled waves, the rest of us awaken with frizzy, unruly locks. (Also who’s kidding? No one who says #WokeUpLikeThis - actually did.)

All the tossing and turning we do in the night causes flattened curls, split ends and knots. So much for beauty sleep.

My signature silk wrap™ keeps your hair shiny, smooth and frizz-free. The pure 100% silk inner gently cocoons your locks, protecting them from damage. Outside, the soft organic cotton keeps your wrap in place and makes sure it doesn’t sneak out of your apartment before you wake up. 

Still need convincing? You’ll need to wash your hair less frequently and it’ll make your fancy blow dries last longer.

Customer Reviews

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Florence (Melbourne, AU)
No longer looking like the mad professor

Noticeable difference day 1, I use to wake up looking like the made professor with my hair all frizzy and knotty. No more knotty hair for me. Definitely is less frizzy just in a few days. Very happy indeed.

Nicole Smith (Sydney, AU)
Comfortable but a tendency to slip

I have fine thin hair so purchased the head wrap to help keep some volume and extend blow-drys etc. It's comfortable and definitely helps with that, but does have a tendency to slip up the back of my head throughout the night. I suspect this might not happen or someone with more thick/curly hair to help keep it in place. Still love it though for the great results!

Kerrie Lonsdale (Sydney, AU)
Great for chemo curls

I bought the silk hair wrap because my hair became thick and curly after chemo treatment. My curls were unruly and stood high up on top of my head, I hated them.. No haircut helped, unless it was almost shaved down, and I wanted longer hair than that after treatment. The first morning I woke after wearing the silk hair wrap, I knew I found what I had dreamt about. My hair was flatter and the curls were beautiful! I love my curls now! Thank you, DAMNGINA!

K. (Melbourne, AU)
Need to try it out some more

I've only used it a few times and haven't noticed a massive difference compared to sleeping without it on a linen pillow but I'll test it out more.

Fanus Belay (Hobart, AU)
Enquired about swap/refund but didn't hear anything back

Enquired about swap/refund but didn't hear anything back

Hi Fanus,
We checked all our emails - we haven't received any enquiry from you re: swap or the return. We always reply to our emails within 24-48 hours. We also have a link to the return portal on our homepage that you can access directly to lodge a return.