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damn good silk scrunchies

damn good silk scrunchies


Gina Says

Wind + long hair + lip gloss = stress

But who wants ponytail kinks when you’ve just spent 40 minutes styling your hair?

Not me.

Enter: silk hair scrunchies. Sleek, strong scrunchies that’ll keep your locks out of your face without getting all grabby with your hair.

My silk hair scrunchies are made from 100% pure mulberry silk that glides on effortlessly to stop breaks, snapping and damage. With a strong elastic inside, they’ll hold your hair high through every whip, flick and nae-nae.

Plus not only are my hair scrunchies good for your hair they look cute too.

Get the deets

  • 100% pure 27 momme silk fabric
  • Super stronghold that’s head toss tested

What you get

4 scrunchies - 2 large and 2 small in each package.


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    27 momme silk. The highest quality silk pillowcases. 

    What is momme? 

    The weight of the silk fabric. The higher the momme number, the better the quality of silk. 27 momme silk is thicker making it last longer. 

    Gentle hand wash in cold water.

    Dry cleanable. 

    Use it everyday for thermo regulated, frictionless beauty sleep.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Taming the wild beast

    Don’t you hate when your already tangled hair gets tangled around a hair tie? Same ! After trying these silk scrub how’s and hair ties my hair no longer looks like a birds nest that I’m trying to yank a hair tie out of. The silk just slips out of the curls easily ! If you have really thick hair I would avoid the smaller scrunchies. The smaller ones only work when I put my hair half up half down. The bigger scrunchies work a treat for every day use for thicker hair. And the colours are amazing. Cute in the hair and around your wrist! Thanks Gina x

    Cute on the eyes, gentle on the hair

    It's so nice to finally have a way to tie up my unruly hair that doesn't yank or rip when I pull it out! These hair scrunchies are so soft and gentle, they easily slide over my hair without breakage. The cinnamon colour is beautiful and the large size helps my pony to sit up nice and high. Even when the scrunches on my wrist they look stylish and cute. Will definitely be using silk scrunchies only from now on.

    Cute colour

    They look cute and I love the colour but I'm finding that they don't stretch enough to wrap around my hair to hold it securely. They do seem to be kinder to my curls and are super soft so don't rip any hair out, just wish they had a bit more stretch!


    Super cute, super soft! I got the cinnamon colour and it's so pretty. I never did the whole scrunchie on my wrist thing before but I have been with these because they're adorable. They're also very gentle and comfortable to wear, as you'd hope. Pretty sure I need to buy all the other colours now.

    New favorite scrunchies

    These are really gentle on my curls and they're so cute i just wear them around my wrist when I'm not wearing them in my hair! Perfect for a little everyday luxe