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damn good silk scrunchies

damn good silk scrunchies


Gina Says


Wind + long hair + lip gloss = stress


But who wants ponytail kinks when you’ve just spent 40 minutes styling your hair?


Not me.


Enter: silk hair scrunchies. Sleek, strong scrunchies that’ll keep your locks out of your face without getting all grabby with your hair.


My silk hair scrunchies are made from 100% pure mulberry silk that glides on effortlessly to stop breaks, snapping, and damage. With a strong elastic inside, they’ll hold your hair high through every whip, flick, and nae-nae.

Plus not only are my hair scrunchies good for your hair they look cute too.

Get the deets

  • 100% pure 27 momme silk fabric
  • Super stronghold that’s head toss tested

What you get

What you get

Choose among different set sizes.

2 piece set - You get 1 thicc + 1 thin scrunchie

4 piece set - You get 2 thicc + 2 thin scrunchies (save $5)

10 piece set - You get 5 thicc + 5 thin scrunchies (and save $20)

    Mix n Match - We will always try and send you the colours/ size you write in the notes - if we have the availability. If your choice is unavailable, we send the closest colour available. 



    LARGE - FITS 58 CM - 62 CM HEAD



    Take a measuring tape and measure the circumference of your head, along your hairline on your forehead to behind the ears to nape of the neck. The size of the turbans mentioned are when the elastic is relaxed and not stretched. This means you can add a stretch of up to another 5 cms to the given size. 

    Example: A 52 CMS S/M turban can stretch up to 57 CMS. 

    27 momme silk. The highest quality silk pillowcases. 

    Please note the colours may look slightly different on different screens. Also note, due to its luminous surface, silk reflects lights and the surrounding it is photographer in. The white background photos may appear lighter than the actual colour.

    Gentle hand wash in cold water.

    Dry cleanable. 

    Use it everyday for thermo regulated, frictionless beauty sleep.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 51 reviews
    Too damn good to share

    Immediately upon receiving the scrunchies I made a huge mistake... I showed them to my long-haired husband. He very graciously agreed to never touch the green scrunchie, but all others were now fair game. I guess those who boast are doomed to fight over the good scrunchies.
    These are seriously the bomb. The scrunchie elastic is enough to hold up my hair, but not so tight I can’t wear it on my wrist without turning my hand purple and tingly. Great quality and I’ll definitely be buying more.

    So DAMN good!

    These scrunchies are amazing! They protect my hair and look good. The cinnamon colour is divine! i have even received compliments when I have worn them on my wrist.
    I also have a ponytail cap and turban and am so impressed with the quality of all the products I have.


    They are a little big, but soooo nice! I love how they feel. And looks great on the wrist too!

    No more snags

    These scrunchies are really gentle on my curls
    However they stretch out quite easily and are probably a little too large for my fine hair
    I find i need to wrap them around 3-4 times before they dont slip out then they havent stretched back
    Also they have alot of colour run when i washed them
    But they feel a million times healthier for my hair than standard hairties or scrunchies

    Never using another scrunchie again!

    I bought these scrunchies for myself and as a gift for a friend's birthday. As someone who's hair kinks into it's most recently styled shape these have been game changing. No kinks, very comfy and keeps my hair up! Also super cute colours and sizes. I also have the silk turban which has made my hair look as though I've just had a blow wave upon waking! Love the products!


    Let customers speak for us

    518 reviews
    Almost Perfect :)

    So easy to put on once you do it a few times and super comfy to sleep in, my only problem is the medium is a little big for my tiny head and short hair but I can’t fault the company when I’ve still received a high quality product!

    Frizzy bed hair solution

    I used to struggle with waking up with frizzy curly hair, my new silk turban has helped to reduce my frizz! The medium size turban fits my head and amount of hair right now (shoulder length hair), not sure how the medium sized turban will go once my hair grows longer.


    A beautiful hat. Very snug so if youre between sizes go up a size.

    Life hack miracle

    OMG! As a first time single mum I honestly can’t explain how happy I am with how much easier my hair turban has made my life! I just straighten or curl my hair the night before work, pop my turban on for bed and wake up with fresh, styled, non greasy hair for work the next day. It is honestly my new favourite life hack!! I have a fairly small head and haven’t had an issue with it slipping off during the night. I allows me to wear all the sleeping masks I want to for my skin, and not have it transfer to hair when I’m sleeping. Honestly, if I could rate it more stars I would. Oh, and it looks cute too!!!!

    Comfortable and stays on well

    I love the feel of this turban. It is comfortable - I don’t even notice it now after sleeping in it for a couple of weeks, and I wake up in the morning, take it off and my curls come out freshly styled and frizz-free. I had bought a satin bonnet from Catch before this, and there is no comparison - this is so much more comfortable to sleep in. Totally recommend!