silk scrunchies

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Gina Says:

Wind + long hair + lip gloss = stress

But who wants ponytail kinks when you’ve just spent 40 minutes styling your hair?

Not me.

Enter: silk hair scrunchies. Sleek, strong scrunchies that’ll keep your locks out of your face without getting all grabby with your hair.

My silk hair scrunchies are made from 100% pure mulberry silk that glides on effortlessly to stop breaks, snapping, and damage. With a strong elastic inside, they’ll hold your hair high through every whip, flick, and nae-nae.

Plus not only are my hair scrunchies good for your hair they look cute too.

Get the deets

  • 100% pure silk fabric
  • Super stronghold that’s head toss tested

What you get

Choose among different set sizes.

2 piece set - You get 1 thicc + 1 thin scrunchie

4 piece set - You get 2 thicc + 2 thin scrunchies 

10 piece set - You get 5 thicc + 5 thin scrunchies 

    Mix n Match - We will always try and send you the colours/ size you write in the notes - if we have the availability. If your choice is unavailable, we send the closest colour available. The scrunchies measure slightly bigger than the images after receiving feedback from customers that the image sizes were too snug. 

    "Life Changing!"

    That's what our customers are saying. Be your version of hair goals with our 25 momme silk hair wraps that come in two comfortable sizes and adjustable drawstrings.

    Customer Reviews

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    Ebony (Brisbane, AU)
    Pretty good

    I love the colour of the scrunchies and then look. I would of liked them to be a little tighter though. I have curly hair but it's thin and I find it slips as the day goes on. My sister has longer hair and doesn't seem to have the same issues though.

    Zoe H (Blackheath, GB)
    nce you’ve tried these scrunchies, they will be your favourites!

    This is my second time buying the Scrunchies from Damn Gina. I previously purchased the mix and match pack and have loved every single on of them. They look beautiful, feel great and they last so well! In my picture you can see the very old and discoloured v the new, and it has held its shape over two years of use! I cant recommend them more!


    Very nice hair scrunchies


    Great quality products

    Brigid McNamara (Sydney, AU)
    These scrunchies will change your life!

    Amazing - you will never look back!