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damn good silk scrunchies

damn good silk scrunchies


Gina Says:

Wind + long hair + lip gloss = stress


But who wants ponytail kinks when you’ve just spent 40 minutes styling your hair?

Not me.


Enter: silk hair scrunchies. Sleek, strong scrunchies that’ll keep your locks out of your face without getting all grabby with your hair.

My silk hair scrunchies are made from 100% pure mulberry silk that glides on effortlessly to stop breaks, snapping, and damage. With a strong elastic inside, they’ll hold your hair high through every whip, flick, and nae-nae.

Plus not only are my hair scrunchies good for your hair they look cute too.

Get the deets

  • 100% pure 27 momme silk fabric
  • Super stronghold that’s head toss tested


What you get

Choose among different set sizes.

2 piece set - You get 1 thicc + 1 thin scrunchie

4 piece set - You get 2 thicc + 2 thin scrunchies (save $5)

10 piece set - You get 5 thicc + 5 thin scrunchies (and save $20)

    Mix n Match - We will always try and send you the colours/ size you write in the notes - if we have the availability. If your choice is unavailable, we send the closest colour available. 



    LARGE - FITS 58 CM - 61 CM HEAD


    Size 1 - 38 cm - 42 cms. Fits 6 months old to 2-year-olds

    Size 2 - 45 cms - 50 cms. Fits 3 years old to 8 years old. 


    MEDIUM (52 CMS) - FITS 52 - 57 CMS HEAD

    LARGE (57 CMS) - FITS 57 - 60 CMS HEAD

    For more details on choosing the right size - click here

    27 momme silk. The highest quality silk pillowcases. 

    Please note the colours may look slightly different on different screens. Also note, due to its luminous surface, silk reflects lights and the surrounding it is photographer in. The white background photos may appear lighter than the actual colour.

    Gentle hand wash in cold water.

    Dry cleanable. 

    Use it everyday for thermo regulated, frictionless beauty sleep.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 65 reviews
    Cute scrunchies!

    I love the style of the thick one - wish it was a set of thick ones. I get headaches really easily but these scrunchies keep my hair in place all day without the headaches. I haven’t used a normal hair tie since I got these scrunchies.

    Kate (Melbourne, AU)
    Great scrunchies, especially the thick one

    Loving my scrunchies, they're the only ones I use now. The thicker one is better for my hair when it's curly and when keeping it on my wrist, the thinner one doesn't stay on as well. Love the colours too (green and pink).

    Kat L (Melbourne, AU)
    Best hairties of my life!

    I love these hairties and scrunchies. Not only do they look amazing, but they are so soft, with stunning colours too. They also hold thick hair well without getting the 'sore hair' feel at the end of the day. High quality and at a much more affordable price than some of the others on the market. I also love supporting local so thanks damn.gina for getting your super product into the market! I am now eyeing off the sleep cap!

    Marissa (Melbourne, AU)
    New obsession

    Came here for a sleep cap and added these as a why not purchase and am now obsessed. Not only are the colours beautiful, the scrunchies are so strong I had to whip my hair back and forth just to enjoy how amazingly strong it was the first time I wore it! Hair stays comfortably in place all day. Will be back for more, these have ruined all other hair ties for me!

    Wade G (Sydney, AU)
    Nice scrunchies

    I really like the thicker scrunchie, but both are good. Fairly large, so wraps around my hair 3 times. It's a nice change in scrunchie style from my others. Looks cute. I've ordered a couple more in a different colour which arrived today. They look nice too.


    Let customers speak for us

    669 reviews
    signature silk hair turban™
    Kirby Dotson (Perth, AU)
    Love it!

    I ordered the med, with a 57cm head measurement and have plenty of space. Comfortable, doesnt slide off at night and its making styling my curls for days way easier!

    signature silk hair turban™
    Danielle P (Melbourne, AU)
    Olive Turban - beautiful but not roomy enough

    The Olive turban looks beautiful but unfortunately not roomy enough for all my curls . I ordered size large but couldn’t fit all my hair into the turban . Gina was very helpful and friendly in assisting with a refund . If she designs a roomier turban I’d love to purchase one . Thanks Gina :)

    Hair Oil Highness
    Cassandra (Melbourne, AU)

    I really love this hair oil. I have thick, wavy hair with a fine texture - highness is amazing as it’s not too heavy and isn’t greasy - it absorbs into the hair instead of sitting on top of it and makes my hair soft and easy to manage. I love to use it after I’ve washed it but I’ve also tried it in between washes to tame frizz which does the trick. It’s also not heavily fragranced if that’s a concern! Definitely recommend.

    Hair Oil Highness
    Lyn Atkinson (Brisbane, AU)
    Love it

    Love this product. It has to be the best product I have ever used for my curly hair.

    signature silk hair turban™
    Billie Karadimas (Sydney, AU)
    Silk Turban - great for my curly hair

    Normally when I sleep, I wake up with flat curls and a lot of knots. Last night I slept with my turban on and woke up with great curls and no knots! I bought the medium and it was a little large as it kept falling down my forehead, but happy to say that it didn’t fall off my head during the night. Overall great product and hopefully smaller sizes are released soon! :)