The History of Silk Hair Accessories

The History of Silk Hair Accessories

Over the past few years silk hair accessories - in a variety of forms - have become more and more popular. And rightly so!

Loyal customers of Damn Gina will know how amazing silk is for your hair. They can help reduce frizz, enhance natural curls and even limit the damage that occurs during sleep. With fierce patterns and unique styles, silk hair accessories are the perfect way to complete any look.

But have they always been this much of a hair staple?

Today’s history lesson is all about how silk hair accessories have changed over the years and how they’ve become what they are today.

Attention all silk hair accessory lovers! Class is about to begin.

Where it all started…

Although the first appearance of a silk hair tie was in the mid-’60s, it wasn’t until 1986 that they became a coveted item. Nightclub singer Rommy Revson noticed plastic, metal and rubber (YIKES!) hair ties caused knots, tangles and breakages in her hair, especially when she wore them for long periods of time.

Being inspired by the waistband of her pyjamas and gentle materials, the scrunchie was born. All hail Rommy!

Was it always for hair protection?

Although the scrunchie was invented to protect the hair, fashionistas clocked on to the new accessory and began to wear them to complement their outfits and create unique hairstyles.

You couldn’t walk around a store in the 90’s/early 2000’s without seeing a scrunchie on the shelves.

What about now?

Fast forward a few years and the silk scrunchie has made a comeback, along with a few other silky friends.

A few clever people realised how beneficial silk is, especially those with damaged, coloured or curly hair.

Silk can:

· Protect the hair from extreme weather conditions that can dry out the natural oils

· Enhance and maintain natural curl patterns, making them last longer and appear less frizzy

· Prevents damage caused during the night from all the tossing and turning

The focus this time is all about protecting your locks from breakages and tangles (with a chic look of course). It’s not just about scrunchies this time either, there are silk pillowcases, silk hair turbans and even silk scarves, all made to help tame your hair and protect it from future damage.

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