say hello to better hair days

unlike your ex, you won't regret taking these to bed

hair oil highness

Takes your hair from Serf to Sovereign in one go.

damn good stuff

stylish silk hair accessories for curly-haired goddesses, fine-waved babes and coily mane divas.

why damn gina?

27 momme silk

100% pure 27 momme oh so smooth silk inner.


naturally resistant to germs, dust mites and other allergens


Our packaging is minimal and plastic-free!


Silk keeps your hair shiny, smooth and frizz-free.

Damn Gina makes covetable hair accessories in an array of colours. From silk hair wraps to silk-lined ponytail caps and silk eye masks, each product is designed to minimise breakage and tame frizz.

"A turban that won't flatten curly hair exists, so please hold while we throw our others away"

"DG is basically a hat version of a little black dress. It’s sleek, goes with any outfit, and is an instant closet staple."

Duchess Duo
Duchess Duo
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Gina says 

What is better than one great product? Two great products. 

When I started the process of creating Highness, from Day 1 it was created to be a complimentary product to our best-selling turban. Think of them like Thelma & Louise, Bonnie & Clyde, Yin & Yang... you get the drift. 

Highness is formulated to be a light-weight refresher when you remove that turban in the morning to give you the most glorious, Duchess level hair. 

Naturally, we wanted to bundle them together :) 

bundle up and SAVE

arrogantly luxe sets for your version of #hairgoals.

just be warned that the world may not be ready for the level of confidence you will exude the morning after.

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Everybody loses their hair, it’s a fact of life! The rate and reasons differ between individuals (obvs), but it’s nothing to ashamed of or disgusted by. Our hair has a natural hair growth cycle, and by design needs to come out eventually.