Why you should switch to silk when you sleep

Why you should switch to silk when you sleep

If you’re anything like the team here at Damn Gina, you love your beauty sleep. It gives us a new lease of life to take on the day ahead. 

But it can have some nasty effects on our hair. 

The tossing and turning from our bad dreams about our exes, the cotton pillow cases, and the lack of product can all cause frizz and dryness. 

So, what can you do to stop this? 

Use silk, of course!

Whether you’re a Damn Gina OG or a newbie to all things silk, this guide to switching to silk is about to change your life (we’re not even being dramatic…it’s life changing stuff). 


Turn your night-time routine from drab to FAB with silk.


What are the benefits of using silk hair accessories?

Silk isn’t a new thing in the hair and beauty world. These products are most commonly recommended by dermatologists for skin concerns like wrinkles and spots, due to their antibacterial properties.

The more people used them, the more benefits they found, including keeping your hair looking fierce, even after a full night's sleep. 

Silk hair accessories are designed to nourish and protect your hair from damage that leads to frizz, dryness, and tangles. 

Our products are made from 100% high-quality mulberry silk, which encourages natural scalp oils to work their way down the hair to moisturise the ends. 

By replacing your day to day accessories with our silk ones, you’re guaranteed to slay the game when it comes to shiny hair. Try one of our silk hair scrunchies today and say goodbye to tangled hair ties forever.  


Which silk accessories should I use when I sleep?

You’re all QUEENS as far as the Damn Gina team are concerned, which is why you deserve the best of the best. We pride ourselves on our high-quality 27 momme silk that lasts, so your silk hair turban isn’t just for Christmas, it’s for life. 

Silk hair accessories are especially important when you’re in bed (don’t be cheeky). They keep your hair silky smooth and add shine overnight. So while you relax, you’re taking care of your waves at the same time. 

Unlike your standard cotton ones, silk pillowcases are much less abrasive on the hair - and are just more luxurious to sleep on. 

If you want to go all the way, give our silk eye mask a go. Add one to your wishlist today to block out the haters - and the light, of course, to take your beauty sleep to the next level.  

Last but not least, we introduce you to what Damn Gina is famous for. Our silk hair wrap is the perfect gift for yourself or your curly-haired friend. They keep your hair looking as fresh as the night before, as well as nourishing any dry ends. 

With a cotton outer layer, there’s no danger of them slipping off in the night. Check out our how-to video if you’re not sure how to wear one, so you can be a hair turban pro in no time. 

A little secret one for those of you who have read all the way through:

Our Christmas merch this year includes a LIMITED EDITION, retro-inspired, checked silk scarf. They can be worn multiple different ways, and can be yours for free when you spend over $160 on the rest of the site. GO GO GO!

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