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damn good silk pillowcase

damn good silk pillowcase



51 CMS X 76 CMS - Envelope Closure

Gina says:

O M Gina!

that's right. You will be saying my name every time you touch these pillowcases. 

Is there anything more luxurious than sleeping on silk? Go on. I will wait. 

My silk pillowcases are made from 100% mulberry silk that feels so soft to sleep on.

But they do so much more.

See, sleeping on a cotton pillowcase pulls at your skin and hair, leaving your face creased and hair all messy.

But with a soft silk pillowcase, your face glides across the surface like Michelle Kwan on an ice rink, protecting you from wrinkles and keeping your expensive night cream on your face all night. 

Pair with a silk hair wrap for the ultimate beauty sleep. Or grab one for your man to help him keep his skin in check (tell him Jay Z owns two).

Get the deets

  • 100% pure mulberry 27 momme silk fabric
  • Standard pillowcase size

The tea: I have tried each and every offering of the pillowcase - from Amazon to eBay, from so-called "original" to high end - and had to make something better than all of them. 






Take a measuring tape and measure the circumference of your head, along your hairline on your forehead to behind the ears to nape of the neck. The size of the turbans mentioned are when the elastic is relaxed and not stretched. This means you can add a stretch of up to another 5 cms to the given size. 

Example: A 52 CMS S/M turban can stretch up to 57 CMS. 

27 momme silk. The highest quality silk pillowcases. 

Please note the colours may look slightly different on different screens. Also note, due to its luminous surface, silk reflects lights and the surrounding it is photographer in. The white background photos may appear lighter than the actual colour.

Gentle hand wash in cold water.

Dry cleanable. 

Use it everyday for thermo regulated, frictionless beauty sleep.

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
So lush

While the pillowcase itself is much bigger than my pillow (which is a regular sized pillow), I love my new pillowcase. My hair isn't frizzy when I wake up, nor is it knotty. Now I just need to buy more pillowcases!!

very comfortable product and AMAZING customer service

I recently purchased two pillow cases and an eye mask - i have found it has improved my sleep, frizzy hair and skin dramatically. I had a minor issue with the pillow cases and reached out to the customer service team and they were very prompt and accommodating. Would recommend damngina to all my friends and family.

Damn...gina! So lush!

I'm not going to lie...but every morning this pillowcase low key makes me feel like I've just awoken from a coma. I don't know if it's the pillowcase or not but I swear since I started using it I have been having the best sleep of my life. Its like sleeping on a cloud. The material is thick, yet so soft and lush and I have already noticed improvements to my skin and hair. It took me a while to jump on the silk pillowcase bandwagon but I am so glad I did and I defs wont be going back. I am hoping that a purple colour option comes out soon because when it does you can bet that I'll be on that!

Luxe Quality

Was definitely not expecting this pillowcase to be so thick, silk so smooth and English Rose colour so beautiful, but this ticks all the boxes! Feels super luxe to sleep in and I am feeling the benefits for my hair and skin. Keen to buy more and try out some new colours.

So fance, so luxe, so right

I honestly did not expect this pillowcase to be as thick and luxurious as it is. For the past two weeks, I've gone to sleep feeling like a princess and woken up like a queen with hair smoother, less frizzy and with my curls still in tact. The colour is so rich, and the make is high quality. Can't recommend highly enough!


Let customers speak for us

481 reviews
Silk lined bucket hat

I love this hat; I love the feel of it, the quality and that it doesn't make my hair look ridiculous after taking it off. It fits my unusually large head really well and is great sun protection. The only drawback is that my teenagers love it too and pinch it from me frequently. So hey, it is clearly very fashionable and stylish as well.. I will clearly have to buy some more..

Saves time, great results

I’m such a big fan of this turban. The medium fits my head beautifully - not too tight and hasn’t slipped off my head once. You might want to size up if you have a lot of hair, though. Since I’ve been using this, my curls stay as defined and frizz-free as if I’d just washed them for 2-3 extra days, and as a result I don’t need to wash as often. Not sure why, but my hair gets less oily, as well. Highly recommended?

Love it and I'll buy more

I have lots of curls and this scrunchie seems like made for my hair. I got all the damngina scrunchies but this giant one is definitely my favourite. Looks so nice on and the type of silk is wonderful. Love it!!

My bucket hat

Really like my new hats. Service and delivery excellent.
But measure head before ordering remember your curly hair makes your head a little bigger


Love the colour and comfort of this turban.
Well made and arrived super quick, thank you!