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damn good silk scrunchies

damn good silk scrunchies


Gina Says


Wind + long hair + lip gloss = stress


But who wants ponytail kinks when you’ve just spent 40 minutes styling your hair?


Not me.


Enter: silk hair scrunchies. Sleek, strong scrunchies that’ll keep your locks out of your face without getting all grabby with your hair.

My silk hair scrunchies are made from 100% pure mulberry silk that glides on effortlessly to stop breaks, snapping, and damage. With a strong elastic inside, they’ll hold your hair high through every whip, flick, and nae-nae.

Plus not only are my hair scrunchies good for your hair they look cute too.

Get the deets

  • 100% pure 27 momme silk fabric
  • Super stronghold that’s head toss tested

What you get

What you get

Choose among different set sizes.

2 piece set - You get 1 thicc + 1 thin scrunchie

4 piece set - You get 2 thicc + 2 thin scrunchies (save $5)

10 piece set - You get 5 thicc + 5 thin scrunchies (and save $20)

    Mix n Match - We will always try and send you the colours/ size you write in the notes - if we have the availability. If your choice is unavailable, we send the closest colour available. 



    LARGE - FITS 58 CM - 61 CM HEAD


    Size 1 - 38 cm - 42 cms. Fits 6 months old to 2-year-olds

    Size 2 - 45 cms - 50 cms. Fits 3 years old to 8 years old. 


    MEDIUM (52 CMS) - FITS 52 - 57 CMS HEAD

    LARGE (57 CMS) - FITS 57 - 60 CMS HEAD

    For more details on choosing the right size - click here

    27 momme silk. The highest quality silk pillowcases. 

    Please note the colours may look slightly different on different screens. Also note, due to its luminous surface, silk reflects lights and the surrounding it is photographer in. The white background photos may appear lighter than the actual colour.

    Gentle hand wash in cold water.

    Dry cleanable. 

    Use it everyday for thermo regulated, frictionless beauty sleep.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 59 reviews
    So comfy

    Comfy and cute!

    Adore these

    Now have three different colours because I love them so much, and will probably order more.

    LOVE a this scrunchie

    I got a mixed set. I have thick hair and a lot of it. The large is so good for making buns and ponytails. Doesn’t feel like it’s going to loose elasticity anytime soon. The only downside is I ordered the mixed set and I got a random white colour for the small. I think they didn’t have the colour I wanted in stock. Unfortunately in our culture, we only wear white on our hair when our parents had passed. Which is a bummer as I don’t want to bring bad luck so I won’t be wearing the small. Next time I order I’ll just get one colour set.


    I have a lot of hair breakage when I use regular hair ties. I definitely see a lot less breakage since using these hair ties. The colours are amazing too.

    DAMN! They hold my thick hair!

    As someone who has very think hair I am used to getting hair ties that don't hold a ponytail for more than 5 minutes, but the big scrunchie definitely has a great hold but doesn't damage my hair. The little scrunchie I would only use for a half up or bottom of a braid just due to its size. The colours and style are just super cute!!


    Let customers speak for us

    600 reviews
    Breakage buster

    Man, I’m only 3 weeks in and this might be the best $60 I’ve ever spent on hair care.

    I’ve been a platinum scalp bleach for about 14 years and maintenance is a full time job. In the last two years I’ve had breakage issues around my temples so persistent that no shag hair cut was helping, a new approach was required.

    In just three weeks it’s astounding what a difference this silk turban has made. My hair drop while shampooing has reduced by maybe 80% to a level I haven’t seen since I was 18. The texture in the lengths is mind-blowingly silky for this level of peroxide damage, it should be illegal.

    As for the product itself, I ordered a large as I know I wear a 59 hat, and tbh it might be a bit too generous. It doubles as eyeshades but if I had mermaid length hair it would fit perfectly. That said, I would be hesitant order smaller as I could easily wake up with fold marks on my forehead if there was any tension. I have not had any issue with it sliding off while I sleep, so it just looks a little dorky with the sagging in the back.

    Just as a final note, I have a very elaborate product routine tweaked over years of worshipping at the alter of blonde. I’m not saying this alone can fix all your unique hair problems. But for me, not since Olaplex hit the market have I met such a game changer for protection bleach damaged hair. It’s definitely worth a try to manage split ends and mid length breakage and hopefully you will be as amazed as I am.

    Long time curly girl

    Works really well on my very thick curly hair !

    beautiful silk

    The silk is beautiful and soft for my curls, definitely helps hair last longer between washes <3 The sizing is quite generous though so next time I will get the smaller size.


    Very snug, keeps my head warm and my hair smooth! Love it :) although It is a bit loose for me and slips off when I roll around in my sleep

    Cozy little gem

    The silk turban does everything it’s supposed to and more! My hair has not been healthier! very comfortable even while sleeping.