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Giant Silk Scrunchie
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G (giant) scrunchie

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Gina says:

Bigger is always better! Big hair, big hoops, big butt... umm you get the drift.

So why not a big scrunchie? Working with silk means a lot of leftover fabric, friends in fashion and their leftover silk fabric- What do we do with all this?

Instead of adding it to the landfill and becoming a part of the problem, we are making these cool-girl scrunchies. 

Trust me you will love that "over the top" feeling.

Measurements - 9 - 10 cms 

Material - 100% mulberry silk 

Please note: As these are one-off pieces, we cannot guarantee the colours you want - but if you note your preference in the notes section during checkout we will try to send you the same! 

Currently in stock 

Lime, Bright Pink, bright tie-dyes in crepe silk (yellow/oranges, blues, greens, pinks and oranges)

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Marissa (Melbourne, AU)

These look so nice I get so many compliments when I wear them!

Sonya Sinnott (Sydney, AU)

I ordered 2 of the giant scrunches, and even though we are close to Christmas they arrived quickly in lovely packaging. The colours are beautifully vibrant and they are giant size. My daughter absolutely loves them and I may have to borrow them on occasion 😊

Anna (Adelaide, AU)
Who doesn't love a scrunchie?

I love that the scrunchie has made a comeback so I can get my hands on all the colours and fabrics! (And I'm always misplacing them. Still devastated by all those I lost to nineties ball pits at fairs as a kid - RIP) Such a lovely way to use up silk scraps. I got one of the tie dye ones in and it's gorgeous. SO big too, love a big statement scrunchie! Also such an easy way to reduce breakage. A little overpriced I think, but I'm glad I got it in the sale!

Alison McCarney (Perth, AU)
New favourite

Is there such a thing as too big when discussing scrunchies? The answer, of course, is no. I'd already purchased one of these giant scrunchies a year or so ago, for my daughter, so when I saw that they'd added some tie dye offcuts to the list of options, I just had to get one for myself. I chose pink with orange and it exceeds expectations! This scrunchie turns my "needs a wash but can't be bothered" bun from bland to fun.

Sarah Virgo Bennett (Leopold, AU)
Beautiful hair accessory

I really love the two giant scrunchies I ordered from Damn Gina. They're so beautiful and it's such a great idea to turn the leftover silk into something else lovely!