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Duchess Duo

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Gina says 

What is better than one great product? Two great products. 

When I started the process of creating Highness, from Day 1 it was created to be a complimentary product to our best-selling turban. Think of them like Thelma & Louise, Bonnie & Clyde, Yin & Yang... you get the drift. 

Highness is formulated to be a light-weight refresher when you remove that turban in the morning to give you the most glorious, Duchess level hair. 

Naturally, we wanted to bundle them together :) 

Customer Reviews

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Vicky Waymouth (Melbourne, AU)

Been using for about 2 weeks now and my hair is softer and less frizzy.

Liv (Melbourne, AU)

The hair oil smells so gorgeous and makes my hair nice and soft without weighing it down. The turban is so comfortable and fits well, it keeps my hair nice and tangle free but I should have gotten a large so my curls didn't get squished haha. The design is good for protecting my baby hairs without elastic hurting my forehead like other bonnets

Olivia (Sydney, AU)

Whilst the oil is great, the turban doesn't quite work - it leaves my hair flat and frizzy - and even though it feels like the right size on my head it slips around throughout the night