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Written by Jonti Ridley

Before we even start, hair loss can be caused by a million and one different reasons. If you’re concerned your hair is thinning beyond a ‘normal’ amount – check in with your GP. Stress, hormones and diet are just a few factors that may be the cause, but on the off chance it’s something more than that you’ll be glad you checked in with your GP first.


Everybody loses their hair, it’s a fact of life! The rate and reasons differ between individuals (obvs), but it’s nothing to ashamed of or disgusted by. Our hair has a natural hair growth cycle, and by design needs to come out eventually. First is the anagen stage (active growth, 2-8 years), then the catagen stage (a short transitional phase in preparation to shed, 3 weeks) and the telogen stage which when your hair finally gets the boots from the follicle. However, once the hair is shed, the follicle remains dormant before sprouting a new strand – for three months!


Thankfully, a million and one causes means a million and one potential solutions. Here are a few Gina Tips to help take extra care with thinning hair:

 damn gina high ponytail

  1. Ditch the high-pony

One of the most common causes of a receding hairline is too much stress on the hair, causing it to snap off and thin out. Where is all this stress coming from? That uber-tight ponytail! Switch your elastics to a softer alternative (like our damn good silk scrunchies), so your strands are no longer feeling the stretch and pull from a less forgiving elastic. Reducing the tension by switching styles, to a loose low bun for example, also prevents snapping.

 damn gina hair tools

  1. Put down the tools

The very last thing thinning hair needs, is hot tools. Even with the best heat protectant in the world, hot tools are still going to damage your hair. If the quality and health of your hair is already compromised, burning it to your will just isn’t worth the accumulative damage. The loss of moisture and natural oils will lead to more brittleness and snapped ends – reducing your body of hair and natural volume. Bummer all round really.


  1. Wig, sis

It goes without saying that if you’re finding the majority of your thinning is occurring around the front of your hairline, gluing down a lace-front may work against you in your hair recovery journey. However, for those facing thinning or balding spots around the side or back of your head, a wig might be for you. Whether you opt for something more realistic or natural to go to work, or bright pink waist-length ringlets, wigs can not only elevate your outfit to a completely new look – sometimes it’s an awesome confidence boost. Remember: you never need a ‘reason’ to wear a wig (or anything else for that matter), wanting to is an entirely valid enough reason to do so.

 hair growth vitamins  4.Supplementary Assistance

When it comes to hair, vitamins are absolutely your friend. Always Err on the side of caution when purchasing vitamins and supplements, this is the time to be picky. Anything that promises you instant results is lying to you, the process of your body processing vitamins takes some time and even longer to see tangible proof of them working. Ingredients such as Biotin, Zinc and B3 are great to look out for, as well as Iron, Vitamin C and Collagen. You can get most of these from your diet, however, it can be pretty tricky to get the volume you might need with your ‘natural’ intake.


  1. Doctor, Doctor

We are very much, obviously not medical professionals – so we’re neeeever going to give you medical advice. There are however medical avenue’s you might want to discuss with your doctor to tackle your hair thinning head-on. Addressing underlying medical issues that may be the cause of your hair thinning is step number one.

Fortunately, the amazing world of beauty and haircare have had astronomical advancements in recent years, and those facing hair loss have never had more options for treatment (including medication, plasma injections, LED treatment and hair transplantation)


Jonti is a 20-something on the cusp of discovering the perfect toning shampoo/conditioner combo.

Multifaceted and multitalented in a constant state of dabbling.
Part-time marketing whizz, part-time content creator, part-time writer and full time silk aficionado. 

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569 reviews
Flat curls, uncomfortable and falls off

I have a 54cm head and lots of long thick hair so I thought the medium would be perfectly snug however it was super loose on my head, it moved around even when I wasn't sleeping. Lying down with it on it was quite uncomfortable around the ears. It also didn't stay on my head at all, and I'm not a very restless sleeper.
I contacted damn gina and was given plenty of tips to keep it on, one of which worked however involved it being super tight on my head which gave me headaches and made my curls flat and point in odd directions, so this is probably a better product for girls with straight hair.
I sent this product back to Damn Gina for a refund however am unfortunately out of pocket for shipping and returns, despite it not being a change of mind refund. I really really wanted to find a way to use this product.

On a more positive note, it does look cute and the damn gina team are very quick to reply to emails.

Hi B,
Thank you for reviewing us. I am sorry to hear that our turban was not a right fit for you.
I understand every woman's head and hair is unique and our turban may not be a right fit for everyone - however, we have created a product that helps and works for the majority of our customers.
In instances where it is not a good fit, we always refund and we have agreed to refund you too once we receive the turban. Our refund policy clearly states that we do not refund shipping when the product is not faulty. If we have to refund the shipping, we will have to add it to our product price - which is not fair on 97% of our customers who love the product.
As per your review, one of the methods we shared helped you tighten the turban but it ended up being too tight - but all the methods we suggest are adjustable and not permanent and you can adjust the level of tightness as per your liking.
And thank you for appreciating our timely response to your queries. Means a lot.

Really really nice!

Great quality material and really really nice customer service. Work really well at protecting my hair when I sleep. Thanks

The only scrunchie in proportion with my head :P

I have a big head. No, really, like... huge. Gigantic. When I was six, everyone in my class had to measure our skull circumferences, and mine was the largest of all the girls. Hats look small on me, if they fit at all. Scrunchies are lost to my gigantic cranium. Where are my sunglasses? Lost forever in the vast desert of my forehead. But when I put this scrunchie on, you.... can actually see it! And it's so much gentler on my hair than all those tiny ones you can buy - even the ones that say they're designed to damage your hair less. Plus, they're just so damn cheerful.

Of course, you tiny, I mean, normal-headed people will like them too - but for us ladies designed to headbutt our way into history, this scrunchie is really, really welcome!

You may need to pin it on if you have fine hair

I have below-waist length, straight, fine hair, which is the natural enemy of all caps like this - everything slides off it like water!

To make this cap work for my specific hair situation, I pin my hair into something that barely would qualify as a loose bun, but let's be generous to me and call it that. Next I put on the cap, then add two very thin, gentle-but-grippy clips to either side of my head - basically just far enough towards the back of my head that it they won't press into my scalp when I sleep (I'm a side sleeper). My hair is so fine that even mild clipping can damage it, so I'm trying to find some fabric-coloured clips to reduce the bend the current ones put into my hair overnight.

For less fuss, of course, you can buy a silk pillowcase. For me, I like the option of using one or the other - I have one pair of silk pillowcases, but when they're in the wash, I wear this cap. Plus, the cap is good if you are travelling and will be sleeping on normal pillowcases, but still want to minimise breakage to your hair - which, at my length, is a real concern! I do feel that using these caps, silk pillowcases, a good weekly 10 minute hair treatment routine and a lightweight leave-in conditioner is the only reason my fairy floss fine hair has managed to get below my waist and still look healthy.

Anyway, yes, it might be a bit trickier to wear if you have hair like mine, but overall, a great sleeping cap. Lovely construction and beautiful materials!

My hair has never looked better!

I wish I had one of these years ago. My hair looks and feels so much better and I don’t have to use nearly as much product to reduce my frizz. Absolutely amazing! 10/10 will recommend