The Best Beauty Tips 5 Fabulous Ladies Received From Their Mums

The Best Beauty Tips 5 Fabulous Ladies Received From Their Mums


Mum Knows Best! Find Out The Best Beauty Tips From Some Fabulous Mums.

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By Shilpa Bhim

Most of you Ginas will have heard the saying that mum always knows best. 

Well, it’s a saying for a reason. Because mums always do know what’s best, especially when it comes to beauty tips! 

In celebration of Mother’s Day in Australia this Sunday 10 May, we asked 5 fabulous ladies to share the best beauty tips from their mums with us. And, we’re sharing these little nuggets of beauty wisdom with you. So let’s get to it!

Roj Torabi

The Roject

Roj is a lawyer by day and a skinfluencer and host of the Roject Podcast by night. This Gina sure knows how to multitask, and it sounds like she got it from her Mama!

My mum's array of products is what got me into beauty from such a young age. She’s always had this bouje as 10-step routine made of all these lux products,” says Roj. 

So what is the skincare tip that Roj’s mum swears by?

“My mum is an avid ‘don’t pick your face’ supporter. Which I never followed and now I regret lol.”

We did say that mum always knows best! And Roj’s mum is on a roll with her tips. Her biggest hair care tip is that silk is best, which we 100% agree with, Ginas!

P.S. How gorgeous are Roj and her Mum?!

Sarah Davidson

Seize the yay Sarah Davidson

Sarah is a lawyer turned funtrepeneur who introduced us to the wonderful Matcha Maiden, Matcha Mylkbar, and the Seize The Yay podcast!

This amazing woman highlights that her mum has a ton of great beauty tips. But daily sunscreen is Sarah’s favourite. 

“She has drummed into me my whole life to always wear sunscreen!” says Sarah.

Sarah’s mum was on to a winner with this tip - both Sarah and her mum have gorgeous skin, with smiles to match.

Alisha Bhoj 

Alisha Bhoj

Alisha is a beauty influencer with a penchant for dewy skin, glossy lips, and facials. One scroll of her Instagram feed and you can see that Alisha really looks after her skin.

So we’re pretty excited to hear the best beauty tips her beautiful mum ever gave her. Starting off with skincare of course!

“My biggest beauty tip I received from my mum, and my god I wished I listened to her sooner, was always to moisturize your neck and hands every night because that’s the first sign of aging!” That is a pro tip, Mama Bhoj.

When it comes to hair care, Alisha’s mum is all about the hair oil. “My mum always said to oil my hair once a week and I did for ages as a child. But then I got so into bleaching my hair and I ruined it. It’s been about 4 years since I bleached my hair red and I’ve never touched it again - and now always make sure to either oil or do a treatment mask weekly.”

These two beautiful ladies are the cutest mother-daughter duo, with amazing skin and hair.

Ruchi Page


Ruchi is a Melbourne based educator and makeup artist who takes her skincare very seriously. Turns out, she has her mum to thank for her commitment to skincare.

“The best beauty tip my mum ever gave to me was basically the importance of taking care of my skin. Ever since I was 13 I’ve had a fascination with skincare and it’s because of my mum,” says Ruchi.

Not only did Ruchi’s mum teach her that the key to healthy skin is a good cleanser and moisturiser, she also taught her a great makeup trick: multi-using products like lipstick. 

“ She used lipstick for her eyes, lips, and cheeks and I do the same! It’s the best way to get everything on the skin looking cohesive and natural.”

Ruchi’s mum is full of tips from skincare, to makeup to hair care. In fact, Ruchi has two favourite hair care tips from her mum: 

  1. Don’t use any heat on hair
  2. Instead of using conditioner in your hair, use a mask twice a week instead.

This gorgeous mother-daughter duo has got all the beauty basics covered!

Sue Jayanth

Damn Gina Founder, Sue Jayanth

The wonderful Sue knows a thing or two about beauty and looking after yourself - she is the founder of Damn Gina after all! And, her mum has some great beauty tips to share with us all.

“My mum has a very holistic approach to beauty. She comes from a long line of Ayurvedic practitioners in her family and uses a lot of natural, raw herbs in her daily life,” says Sue.

When it comes to skincare, Sue’s mum has three top tips:

  1. Turmeric and milk cream mix for brightening the skin, 
  2. Aloe vera for soothing irritated skin, and
  3. Stay sun safe! Sue’s mum always stays in the shade and uses sunscreen.

For hair, Sue’s mum has a pro-tip for you: Castor oil! It’s a game-changer, Ginas. 

Safe to say that this stunning mum and daughter duo know what’s up when it comes to skin and hair care.

What are some of your favourite beauty tips from your mum? Do you follow her tips? Share your thoughts with us, and don’t forget to share your sassiest and most fabulous beauty moments with us via Instagram!

Shilpa is a freelance beauty, health and travel writer from Melbourne, Australia. When she’s not writing, she’s out and about exploring places around Australia and the world. You can keep up with her adventures over at @skb.ontherun and check out her latest articles here.

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