The Best Salons In New Zealand For Curly Hair

The Best Salons In New Zealand For Curly Hair

Damn Gina, The Best Salons In New Zealand For Curly Hair

Find Out New Zealand’s Best Salons For Your Curly Hair

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By Shilpa Bhim

A lot of you Ginas from across the ditch have been asking for some tips on the best salons in New Zealand for curly hair, like this list we pulled together for our Aussie Ginas.

Here at Damn Gina, we are all about giving you Ginas what you want! So, we have rounded up the top salons for curly hair across New Zealand. 

From the North Island to the South Island, consider this your little black book for a curly-haired dalliance or two.

North Island Salons

Vivo Salon, Mairangi Bay, Auckland

If you’re looking for a curly hair specialist in Auckland or the upper North Island, look no further than Nigel Russell. 

With 40 years of experience in hairdressing, Nigel has learnt to understand the unique characteristics of curly hair and he is here to help you manage, maintain, and make the most out of your curls or waves.

Afri Afro Hair Salon, Auckland

You will be looking great and feeling confident after a visit to Afri Afro Hair Salon. The team specialises in curly and coily hair and will help you to enhance your natural look. 

Afri Afro Hair Salon also has an incredible range of curly hair products, imported directly from the US. No matter what type of curly hair you have, you’re in for a real treat at this salon!

Curl Next Door, New Plymouth

After being trained directly by Lorraine Massey on the Curly Girl Method, Donna is all about ‘curling it forward’. She’s passionate about curls and about making curly life better for all NZ curlies.

In addition to offering curly hair cuts, Donna runs curl lessons and workshops so you can keep showering your curls with the love and care they deserve after you’ve visited Donna.

If you’re not New Plymouth based, we’ve got some good news - Donna travels around New Zealand offering her services. Get in touch with her to find out when she’s coming to a town near you!

Taboo Hair Salon, Wellington

Tina Fox is the Curly and Wavy Hair Specialist and Hair Stylist and Director at Taboo Hair Salon. And she certainly lives up to her impressive job title!

Tina fully understands the unique characteristics of curly hair, which means she can cut and style it correctly.

Clients highlight that Tina is an extremely talented and professional hairdresser who takes the time to really listen to her clients needs and wants. Need we say more?!


Jam Hair Co., Wellington

The team at Jam Hair Co. love to work with curly hair so you know your mane is in good hands. 

In particular, Danny Todd, one of Jam Hair Co.’s stylists is on a mission to restore the faith in a hairdresser for curly-haired people! 

If you’re in Wellington, definitely give Jam Hair Co. a go!

South Island Salons

Amala Organic Hair Spa, Christchurch

Welcome to the home of Nadia Gallo, who has been a professional stylist for 22 years. 

Nadia is passionate about working with curly hair - and she wants to help all you curly guys and gals to love your hair the way it is.

Your curls are in for a real treat at Amala Hair Spa. Not only does Nadia know curls really well, the salon also uses the most natural based professional hair products available so you can expect your hair to look and feel incredible afterwards!

Scissortrix, Christchurch

Merilyn has owned Scissortrix for 26 years and is a curly hair specialist who rocks a head of curls herself!

The team at Scissortrix agrees that the most important person in the salon is you! So you can trust them to create a look that compliments you, your hair, and your lifestyle.

Aurum Hair Stylists, Dunedin

Aurum is all about making your hair dreams come true, and this extends to you, curly-haired guys, and gals.

The salon’s Director, Executive Stylist and Educator, Ria Reihana, has a real passion for the hair industry and curly hair. Most importantly, she wants you to feel amazing every day.

At Aurum, you can expect excellent service, styling, and hair education. What more could you want?!

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