The Best Hair Salons In Australia For Curly Hair

The Best Hair Salons In Australia For Curly Hair

Keep Your Curly Hair  In Check By Visiting One Of These Gina Approved Salons! 

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By: Shilpa Bhim

Alright Ginas, it’s time to get serious about caring for your curly, wavy or textured hair. Your first order of business? Finding a hair salon that caters to the natural movement in your hair so you can rock that gorgeous mane you were blessed with at birth!


Anyone with a bit of curl, wave or texture in their hair knows that finding a hairdresser that treats your strands with the respect that deserve is no easy task. Fortunately for you, we’ve scoured all of Australia to find out the best salons for your curly hair. 


Keep reading to find out which salon you need to check out next and be prepared to walk out of the salon with curls that shine, bounce and show a little bit of sass, Gina style! Oh and don't forget to check these best-selling accessories to preserve those freshly styled, out-of-salon locks!  




Tom Zappala


Tom has devoted 30 years to developing a unique philosophy to his craft of specialising in curly, wavy and textured hair. His clients are from a range of backgrounds, with diverse hair types to match.


Customers always leave Tom’s salon with a smile on their face and feeling far more educated on their hair than they’ve ever felt before. Sounds like a winner!




Delilah is all about celebrating great hair and great people (here’s looking at you!)


Hairdressing is a true passion for the team at Delilah, with diversity at its core. The salon focuses on the individual and what it is that they and their hair need and want.


Neel Loves Curls 


Welcome to the home of the curl specialists where your wavy, textured or curly hair will get some serious love. 


The salon prides themselves on being a safe haven for curls. Everything from the products and tools used to the techniques applied to your hair is curly hair friendly. 


Neel Loves Curls wants you to know that you won’t leave the salon feeling like you need to re-do your hair afterwards because curls are the team’s passion.


The Travelling Curls


Jess is a Melbourne based curly hair specialist, with over 12 years of industry experience. Her aim is to empower her clients to embrace their natural waves, curls and coils. 


Using a deconstructed method of dry cutting and artistic flare, she creates shapes that compliment an individual’s curl type, personal features and personality.


Hair by Fleur Alison


Working her magic from The Lip Lab in West Geelong, Fleur has over 15 years’ experience in the industry.


A curly hair specialist, she uses vegan and curl friendly products such as Clever Curl and Everescents. Her customers have all highlighted what a great job Fleur consistently does with their hair.


Studio Hi Gorgeous 


Studio Hi Gorgeous says it best: Your hair is the crown you never take off!


This home based salon is committed to creating gorgeous hair in a warm, friendly environment. Known as the ‘Curl Queen’ and a wizard at colouring  locks, Elise at Studio Hi Gorgeous will have your hair looking fresh and fabulous.


Second Story Salon

Gippsland curlies, rejoice! Second Story salon in Traralgon, Victoria is run by two curly specialists with decades of experience. Trish with her 20-year experience and Francine with 13 years of experience with various textures love curly hair.  The salon is the only curly specialist salon in Gippsland area and the studio is a beautiful, tranquil space. The girls will not only give you the best curl cut to date, but also educate you on looking after and embracing your hair in all it's glory. 




Mousey Brown 


Mousey Brown specialises in dry haircutting. As many of you Ginas will know, dry cutting works especially well with curly hair. Their ethos? Minimum fuss, maximum impact hair.


Maiden Hair


Maiden Hair is all about helping you live your best curly hair life! The salon is leading the way in curly hair work in Australia and boasts a team of curl specialists, colourists and dry curl cutters.


Haylo Hair 


If you’re looking for a salon that will really take the time to understand your curls, look no further than Haylo Hair. The salon has a specialised curly hair menu, which includes curly hair consultations and co-wash and styling sessions.



Ginger and Curls 


Everyone who visits Ginger and Curls raves about Lisa’s wealth of knowledge and amazing hair cutting skills, especially for women and young girls with curls. Be prepared to not only have your hair well looked after, but also for a relaxed experience this beautiful salon.


Curly and Co Hair 


Curly and Co Hair worship your curly hair! Founder Helen Fraser is an expert in curly hair and the salon offers dry style cuts cutting each curl individually, deep conditioning and education treatments and colour. Helen follows the Curly Girl Method and she uses and sells salon quality curly girl friendly Everescents and Jessicurl products.


Yeah The Curls 


Kim from Yeah The Curls is passionate about making her clients feel valued. She offers bespoke haircuts, designed especially for curly hair.


Rebel Curls 


Want curls that are full of bounce and definition and scream “I’m a rockstar”?! Then Rebel Curls is the salon for you.


Jill offers a dry cut without a comb, so each curl stays in its natural position. A hydration service follows the cut, where you will also be coached through the process of cleansing and hydrating your curls at home.


Project One Hair


Project One has built a reputation for cutting and styling naturally curly and textured hair. The salon uses a free hand, curl by curl cutting technique. 


Their love of curls and ability to move beyond the conventional hairdressing approach has led to an incredible growth in curly clients. So, join your fellow curly haired friends and head to Project One!




Harlequin Hair


Having been a curly hair salon since 2015, Harlequin Hair is the most experienced specialist curly hair salon in the suburb of Moorooka in Queensland.


Harlequin Hair stocks a range of curly hair friendly products and is committed to guiding you through you hair care routine so you can rock luscious curls all year round.


Purely Curls 


Welcome to Purely Curls, Brisbane’s first salon that specialises only in curly hair. Their motto? We don’t just cut curls, we bring them back to life!


Whether your hair is wavy or super curly, Purely Curls will cut your hair and teach you how to cleanse, hydrate, style and maintain your curly hair  using water based and organic products.


Samantha Thorn 


With 23 years of hairdressing experience, Samantha knows how to take care of your curls. Reviews of the salon rave about the excellent service, care and treatment that customers and their hair receive. Your curls will no doubt be in good hands at Samantha Thorn.




The Curl Collective


Looking for a personalised one on one experience for your curls? Look no further than Lou at The Curl Collective. Having had curly hair all her life, Lou knows a thing or two about keeping your hair looking healthy and bouncy.


Lou’s guiding principle? She prefers not to label curl types, she believes we are all unique and often we can have a combined curl pattern. 




Perth Curls 


Perth Curls - where all the curl magic happens!


Curl Specialist Rita Semedo is passionate about curls and it’s her mission to help you to love your curls by empowering you with knowledge on keeping your hair really hydrated. She will also assist you in developing a routine to suit your individual curl type.


Rita’s choice for ultimate curly hydration in the salon? Everescents products of course!




Danika Durack Hair 


It’s Danika’s world and we’re just living in it. Specialising in curly hair cutting and bridal  hair and makeup, Danika does it all!


With a focus on organic and Australian made hair care, you know your curls will be in good condition. Danika stocks curly girl approved products and educates clients on how to care for their curls. 


Aoki Hair 


Aoki Hair caters to clients with naturally curly and textured hair and the team is all over the Curly Girl Method.


In addition to offering curly hair cuts, treatments and personal hair consultations, the salon also offers an analysis of your facial shape, curly hair type, ideas on how to style your curls, and what products to use (and which to avoid).




Wenz Hair


Known as the curly and natural hair whisperer, Wendy specialises in going with the flow of natural hair to create ease of styling.


Once you visit Wenz Hair, you and your fabulous hair will never look back!


Pirie Street Hair


If you’re after a salon where the team will listen to your needs and take the time to assess your hair, you need to visit Pirie Street Hair.


Not only will your curls be treated to a great cut, but you’ll also be taught techniques for keeping your curls in check in between salon visits.




Fabric Hair Salon


The team at Fabric Hair Salon are pros at working with all different hair textures and types. The salon is owned by Wayne Robinson, one of Canberra’s most established hairdressers. 


Curly haired clients can expect an amazing cut, and a whole lot of hair care knowledge and expertise.




Vanilla Hair Studio


Clients of Vanilla Hair Studio cannot stop talking about the incredible experience they receive each time they visit the salon, particularly those with curly hair. 


With a reputation for really listening to clients’ hair needs, and delivering on them, Vanilla Hair Studio will have your hair looking and feeling fine.


So there you have it, Ginas. Curly (and wavy and textured) hair approved salons for you to visit all over Australia. Have you visited any of the salons on this list? Let us know your thoughts and experiences and remember to rock your natural mane with sass and pride!



Shilpa is a freelance beauty, health and travel writer from Melbourne, Australia. When she’s not writing, she’s out and about exploring places around Australia and the world. You can keep up with her adventures over at @skb.ontherun and check out her latest articles here.


  • Lucy

    I went to Wayne at Fabric Hair in ACT and he ignored all my curly girl haircut requests and it took months to get it to sit properly again. He charged a lot of money for it too. I suggest you remove him from your list.

  • Julia Foong

    Nice article. I also have curly hair and know that it’s not easy to find a good hairdresser who can work on this type of hair… every time I go to a hair salon the hairdresser will cut it, and blow it dry because they have no clue how to properly style a curly hair… it’s quite annoying… but I am so glad I found my hair stylist here, in Perth. Pity she is not on the listed salons in WA. Never too late to update, though… :D

    M.Divine Hair & Beauty
    10A Weston Street – Carlisle – Perth WA


  • Hannah Wakefield

    Another for Adelaide :

    They are super knowledgable and my hair looked amazing after the curly class and I left with so much more knowledge than when I went in! They will analyse your hair and recommend products based on where your hair is at:)

  • Family Hair And Beauty Salon

    Family hair & beauty salon offers innovative, quality services for men and women. Our beauty salon offers a broad range of beauty services including facials, haircuts & styling, hair colour, body massage, bridal makeup style, waxing, manicures pedicures and permanent hair treatments.

  • Lorri Goddar

    Thank you so much , you did great help me to finding a best hair saloon in Australia. Thank a lot for this.

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