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Hair Oil Highness
Tina Baynie (Sydney, AU)
What type of magic sorcery is this?!

This is the best hair oil product I’ve ever used. It is light weight, leaves my hair silky smooth and you don’t need to use much so it’s cost effective. This is a bulk purchase item for me because I never want to run out. I’ve gone from using multiple curl control products to this alone. Spread the word, this magic in a bottle is a winner!!!

damn good silk eye-mask
Hannah (Sydney, AU)
Perfectly soft eye mask

Love my new eye mask, and have worn it every night since I got it! I was a bit concerned it would be too tight from some of the reviews but it fits perfectly even over my silk turban. The silk is so soft and blocks out the light for a great nights sleep!

silk hair wrap 2.0
Jessie-anne Anne El-Tannoury (Sydney, AU)

My hair feels so soft the next morning and it's reduced how often I need to wash my hair!

silk hair wrap 2.0
Aimee Marriott (Melbourne, AU)
Great wrap

Really good quality wrap. I love how it has an adjustable tie compared to the old one. It stays on so much better.

silk-lined bucket hat - wide brim
Majella Galway (Brisbane, AU)
Another amazing hat!!!!

This is the fourth of these amazing hats that I have invested in, and I just love them!!!! Please, please bring out some more colours.

Hot Bucket Hats

I purchased three of these recently and, whilst I love the patterns and colours (and the sizing is right for me, too), I am disappointed in the fabric as they are so thick. This creates a problem for me as I want to be able to wear them in the sun (obviously!) and they make me so hot that I can't continue to wear them for a long period. So, overall, I like the patterns, sizing and design, but they're not practical for hours when you're out and about (e.g. a hike, etc.)

silk-lined bucket hat - wide brim
Elise (Melbourne, AU)

I love this hat! I bought it in the colour olive and it is beautiful! It feels lovely on the head and I like that I can slightly adjust the fit.

silk scrunchies
C (Hobart, AU)
Just what I was looking for

Trying the silk scrunchie thing as I grow my hair out from the pandemic shave. The colour of these really pops, and they hold my hair firmly but without breaking it - I've got quite fine hair.

silk-lined bucket hat - small brim
Rhiannon (Brisbane, AU)

The colour combo is what first caught my eye, I love the peach & black together.
This hat seems to be very high quality fabrics that feel amazing.
I probably could have gotten the size down but the hat has strings to tighten it a little.
My only issue with this hat is that the sleeve that the string to adjust the tightness runs through won't tuck up into the hat, instead it pokes out on my forehead & looks really bad so I will have to stitch the sleeve thing up onto the inside which should have been done by the manufacturer 🫤

Thank you for the feedback Rhiannon. We have taken this feedback on board and will be adding chin strap instead of adjustable drawstrings to make it a better fit in the next batch.

G Money gift card
Romina Artagaveytia (Sydney, AU)

Amazing product! Love my turban so much I got a gift card for my friend’s bday!

silk-lined bucket hat - wide brim
Vicki Blundell (Sydney, AU)
Best ever!

My Damn Gina hat is the best! I’ve got a large head and lots of curly hair, and this is without doubt the best and most comfortable hat I’ve ever had. Highly recommended!

silk scrunchies
Ebony S (Sydney, AU)
I think they're good but...

My daughter pinched them all because they're "too beautiful" so I'm just guessing, they hold her thick, heavy locks in place so I guess that's something ;)

silk-lined bucket hat - wide brim
Customer (Geelong, AU)
Great for Daycare educator!

LOVE this hat. I have the colourful Checkmate one. It's so sunsmart, so cute, and the children recognise it too! Sometimes when I put it away they'll bring it back to me!!

The construction is strong, and well done. The materials are so high quality too!

It's also easy to hand clean, and any sweat marks etc have come out easy with handwashing for the three months I've been using it. Can't recommend it enough!

silk-lined bucket hat - wide brim
Kathryn (Melbourne, AU)

The har fits really well, and the drawsting helps it not blow off my head in the wind. Great for keeping the sun off. Only downside was the shipping, I had to get it redelivered though AusPost because the couriers couldn't deliver it

silk-lined bucket hat - wide brim
Courtney (Adelaide, AU)
So comfy and practical!

I got one as I needed a hat, but never liked wearing them as my curly hair wouldn’t work with it. Since I’ve used this, I actually can be sun safe again! Love love love it!!!

2.0 is a winner

I had a damn Gina head wrap before, which was good but purchased a new one. I love the adjustable draw strings, it helps it stay on during the night.

silk-lined bucket hat - wide brim
Kathryn Darling (Christchurch, NZ)
Happy Blooms bucket hat - large

I bought the Happy Blooms bucket hat in size large between Christmas and New Year. Shipping took a long time - even for that time of year - but that is likely outside of Damn Gina's control. The hat arrived and is great quality. Sizing-wise, I had measured the circumference of my head and it fell at the lower end of the large size and upper end of the medium size. I went for large because I normally find hats too small for me. Unfortunately it is too big, and has no chance of staying on even with a little wind. The drawstring is a good touch and would be effective if the hat was smaller on my head. Damn Gina were quick to respond when I made a return request, but the cost to return (from NZ) was too expensive to exchange for the smaller size accounting for original cost of shipping, restocking fee, and cost of shipping the replacement.

silk-lined bucket hat - wide brim
Keira Brooks (Sydney, AU)
Colour is too much for me

I tried to like the hat, but the Hawaiian blue colour doesn’t suit me. The hat is also very large on my small head. Well made, but just too big all round for a petite person with short hair.

silk-lined bucket hat - wide brim
Katie Robertson (Sydney, AU)
Soft and Cool

This is the best hat. I love the feel, the shape, the way you can shape the brim. I would contemplate another colour, but my always stylish black does the job so well I don’t need another

silk-lined bucket hat - wide brim
Michaela (Sydney, AU)
Best hat ever

I am constantly buying hats…but this is this best. Easy to travel with, stays on my head whilst on a bike or a windy beach…. And oh so soft and pretty. Plus, the company is ethical ❤️

silk-lined bucket hat - wide brim
Helen Bales (Adelaide, AU)
Large, comfy and wind proof !

I have trouble buying hats big enough, this was perfect, heaps of shady protection, comfortable and light, no hat hair !! On the beach with a fierce wind, the adjustable tie holds it tight without changing the shape.

silk hair wrap 2.0- black
DebH (Sydney, AU)
Turban convert

I saw my niece who has long ringlet style curly hair wearing a sleeping turban and wondered if it might work for my wavy hair. I read the reviews then decided to give it a try. So happy I did. I don’t wake up with my hair sticking up in ‘horns’. I have just past shoulder length slightly curly hair. I chose medium and it fits well. Maybe if my hair was past my bra strap I might struggle to get it in. I have worn it a few times now (still getting into the habit) and once it came off but not till the very morning when I started tossing around. I find it comfortable and have not had any issues with seams or ties making it uncomfortable that some other reviewers mention. It is also cooler to sleep in on a hot night which I was not expecting. I am thinking of getting my mum one as she has the same issues with ‘horns’ in her hair in the morning - must be hereditary!

silk hair wrap 2.0- black
Karen S (Brisbane, AU)
Frizz Free and Fantastic

Waking up to hair that doesn't look like road kill on my head is an absolute joy.
I Love the turbans, the hats look incredible on, are amazing to wear and the spray is brilliant along with the shine it gives my hair. Customer service is 5 star. Happy head. happy customer.

Absolutely fabulous hat

I love wearing hats for sun protection but hate the hair mess when they come off. I have tried quite a few hats - felt, canvas, cotton and straw but this was my first silk one. So far I am impressed with lack of helmet head which is usually a given with other hats. I usually resign myself to the fact that I will have to scrape my hair back into a pony once it comes off. So big tick for that. Size is good (I measured my head and check the recommendation) and the drawstrings will help on a mildly windy day. (For those complaining it not staying on there is only one hat style that really stays put on very windy days - or on a boat at sea! - and in has a wind cord that goes under your chin and the back of your head - it is not very attractive but is practical for bird and whale watching!) I was a tad concerned about wearing it on a hot day as it does seem rather thick but I was pleasantly surprised. Like another reviewer commented although I sweated a little (as you do with ANY hat on a hot day) my hair still looked okay when I took it off. And lastly I LOVE the wide brim. I did look at these hats when they only had the narrow brim and did not purchase for that very reason. It is a good idea though to have both options for those who want the hat for fashion more than sun protection - I love having both though!

silk hair wrap 2.0
Kate Jennings (Canberra, AU)
Lovely but not big enough

I love these hair wraps, my hair definitely stays curlier and fresher for longer. But I have a 60-61cm head plus a lot of thick hair - the wrap struggles to stay on comfortably over night.