the jet setter

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Gina says:

Flying can be stressful AF.

There’s choosing which in-flight movie to watch. Deciding on the meal options. And worrying that you’ll land at the other end looking like a yeti.

But stress less because gina has your answers.

  1. Whatever you choose, take your own noise-cancelling headphones
  2. Trick question, go for the vegetarian option so it’s made to order
  3. Grab the Jet Setter Bundle

This bundle includes my hand-picked travel essentials.

My signature silk hair wrap and silk scrunchies will protect your hair from the ravages of dry cabin pressure and infrequently cleaned headrests. While my silk eye mask will ensure you get a good night’s sleep even if your boomer seat-mate inconsiderately stays up trying to strike a conversation (just take a break already, Karen.)

The jet setter contains

1 silk hair wrap

1 silk eye-mask

2 silk scrunchies


Take a measuring tape and measure the circumference of your head, along your hairline on your forehead to behind the ears to nape of the neck. The size of the turbans mentioned are when the elastic is relaxed and not stretched. This means you can add a stretch of up to another 5-6 cms to the given size. 

Example: A 52 CMS S/M turban can stretch up to 58 CMS. 

Customer Reviews

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Rochelle (Perth, AU)
Early days yet but looking forward to improvement

I've slept with the turban about 6 times. I feel wearing the turban has affected my quality of sleep as I was aware of the turban on my head and the tightness around my scalp and that kept me in a light sleep. I definitely feel there were less frizzies in the morning but i havent got the hang of how best to put my hair into the turban so I feel it came out creased in the morning from the way i had folded it in. I have now watched the Youtube videos so hoping for more success. On a side note my husband is not a fan as he thinks I look like a nanna wearing it which is a bit of a mood killer. My daughter loves the silk eye mask which I gifted to her and I am loving the scrunchies.

Samantha Morgan (Wollongong, AU)

The thick Scrunchie is the best! Eye mask as it should be silky & soothing. My hair wrap is a little big but it was the smallest size available, still works a treat I just have to fold it down a little.

Madeleine Batiste (Brisbane, AU)

I have always had dry frizzy hair, and since using this set my hair is honestly so soft and smooth! My problem skin is much clearer. Bonus, I love how luxurious I feel at bedtime using the eye mask with the turban. Beautiful products, thank you x

Merryn Campbell (Adelaide, AU)

Best package! Cute scrunchies, turban and the eye mask is sooooo soft!
Can't wait for my hair and skin game to elevate, and have already noticed less kinking and creasing on both hair and face!

Oceane (Sydney, AU)
Great set

Love the set: especially the eye mask and the hair tie. Not really getting used to sleeping with tge turban but will keep trying.