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Very tight

When I tried it on, at first I liked the tight, cosy fit to the face. I live in Brisbane, and like that it blocked out all the early morning light. When I woke from wearing it over night, I woke with what felt like a piece of grit in my eye. Which made my eye irritanted, and my vision in that eye blurry for the whole day. I can only think it was because of the tightness of the eye mask, where it was pressing into my eye sockets all night. Where I would normally be able to blink it out any eye gunk formed while sleeping, I wasn't able to do this and became stuck in my eye. Both nights that I wore the mask, the next day my eyes were irritated. I have not worn the mask since, nor plan to at the risk of my vision being blurry again the next day.

Hi Julie,
We understand you are unhappy with the product. We will take your feedback and improve the product. As per our email conversation and your request, this order was refunded a month ago.

Value for money $$$ Silk lined bucket hat.

Bought for my daughter, absolutely loving it. Best Buy in years. Now one for myself and other daughters. 💖💖💖

My fav scrunchie ever!!!

So happy with my Giant Damngina Scrunchies.
My2nd order was refunded hassle free when my color choice was sold out.
I will def order more subject to color availabilty.

Best hair of my life

I’ve been using my pillowcase for almost a month now and honestly, my hair has never looked better. I’ve been following the curly girl method for a while and my frizz just wouldn’t budge but after using these pillowcases I finally have the cute, frizz free waves I’ve always dreamed of. The quality is exceptional and the colour? Ooft!

Silk lined bucket hat

I love this hat; I love the feel of it, the quality and that it doesn't make my hair look ridiculous after taking it off. It fits my unusually large head really well and is great sun protection. The only drawback is that my teenagers love it too and pinch it from me frequently. So hey, it is clearly very fashionable and stylish as well.. I will clearly have to buy some more..