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silk ponytail caps™

silk ponytail caps™


Gina says

These trademarked silk-lined caps are exactly what you need in life. As a curly girl, tying my hair up while working out means - restyling them from scratch. Enter our silk-lined caps. No-fuss caps that are super stylish and has enough room to hold all your curls as is or as a high pony, the 27 momme silk lining makes sure there is no frizz. The best bit? the moisture-wicking silk makes sure the sweat is absorbed and your hair doesn't need an everyday wash! 

Adjustable size. Perfect for a high pony, high bun or to let lose those curls. 

Outer: Organic cotton

Inner: 27 momme mulberry silk (the silk colour may be different than the cap)

A must-have for every babe - curly or not. 






Take a measuring tape and measure the circumference of your head, along your hairline on your forehead to behind the ears to nape of the neck. The size of the turbans mentioned are when the elastic is relaxed and not stretched. This means you can add a stretch of up to another 5 cms to the given size. 

Example: A 52 CMS S/M turban can stretch up to 57 CMS. 

27 momme silk. The highest quality silk pillowcases. 

Please note the colours may look slightly different on different screens. Also note, due to its luminous surface, silk reflects lights and the surrounding it is photographer in. The white background photos may appear lighter than the actual colour.

Gentle hand wash in cold water.

Dry cleanable. 

Use it everyday for thermo regulated, frictionless beauty sleep.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
So good.

This cap is awesome! It is padded like the other reviews say but I don’t find it puffy or unpleasant at all. I think it just makes it comfortable and soft to wear and it looks exactly like it does in the photos. The silk is super smooth inside and it really does not compare to wearing a regular cap. So comfortable and so much less frizz when you take it off. The pony tail part is also a bit bigger than a normal cap and goes higher so you can actually have a pony at a normal height. I will never wear another cap again.

Agree with Gabrielle

I wasn't aware the cap was padded and it makes my head look like a mushroom haha
The colour and silk is very beautiful, but if i didn't spend $50 on it there's no way i would wear it because of the look.
i think i regular cap with a silk lining would be a better design.

on another note, the silk scrunchies are awesome!

Padded? So it doesn't fit my head... and extremely hot

I was super excited to get this but I am really disappointed.
In the description it doesn't mention the cap is filled/Padded with foam or something.
It makes the cap really noisy with scratchy foamy noises and doesn't fit to my head like a normal cap would. If I want the cap to actually cover my face from the sun the back of the cap sits nearly on the top of my head so it just doesn't work. It makes it extremely hot to wear in summer it doesn't breathe at all with all the insulation.
The silk lining also has a flap that I can't seem to sit inside the cap it always goes over my forehead.
Sorry guys I love your other products but this design is a fail and super impractical.

Hi Gabrielle,
Thank you for the review. We are sorry to hear the product wasn't a right fit for you. The caps need a foam insert to give it the shape and the structure as the silk and the cotton we use are both light weight fabrics. The foam is less than 2 mm thick and the foam 'noise' subsides after one use - as it is a brand new product. The back opening is large and adjustable to hold the curly hair and not squish it.
We however take your feedback and will figure how to make this product better. Thank you.

must have accessory!

This cap is fantastic! The silk is beautiful, the outer hat is soft and fits fabulously! I am not normally a cap wearer as they don't fit my hair - but this hat is now the only one I will grab! And no hat hair after!!!

will never look back

i purchased this cap and the scrunchies after being given a turban for my birthday. I have been trying to find serums, supplimemts, shampoos and conditioners to help the frizz and flyways witg my fine hair. I trued everything. After 1 night using these silk products my hair was seriously transformed. No more frizziness looked so much healthier and shinier! I dont have to wash it as often, since using the silk scrunchies i have nearly no split ends. My hair has grown. When i wear the cap outside i dont have horrible hat hair afterward and i feel like my hair acfually looks better after i wear the hat. I could not be happier with this investment and it will be at top of the gift list for my friends and fam!


Let customers speak for us

523 reviews
Best hat!

Fantastic hat for those with curly hair - really helps prevent frizz and fits comfortably. The different size option is amazing and I always need a larger size but bucket hats are normally 'one size fits all'. Colour options are amazing - I can't wait to get another one!

Never had smoother hair!!

My curls have never been smoother or softer then since I’ve been sleeping with my turban! It’s like a crazy romance, but it’s never been better!!
My eyes are also thankful to have the luxe and super soft eye mask against them every night! Scrunchies don’t dig into my hair, leave minimal kinks and I love the look of them!
I’ll definitely be repurchasing


I'm doing the curly girl method and this wrap is a life savor! Super easy to pop my hair in at night and after a shower! 10/10

Doesn't stay on

Really cute but I've used it twice and both times it's slipped off overnight. The elastic is uncomfortable to sleep in too.

Beautiful quality

This turban is gorgeous. Beautiful craftsmanship and high quality construction. I bought a size too large and so it isn’t staying on my head during the night - but I’m certain that the right size one will.