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signature bubans (baby turbans)

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Size 1 - 38 - 42 cm. Fits 6 months - 2-year-old
Size 2 - 45 - 50 cm. Fits 2 - 5 year old

Please note the current batch of baby turbans have a wrong size tag on them. Size 1 is tagged as size 2 and vice versa. Rest assured we will send the right size - just ignore the tag it comes along.

Gina says

Bub-ans (get it? Bubs and turbans!) 

The latest offering from the Damn G squad - these bubans are turbans but for the baby divas.

You see, bubs with fine hair and bubs with curls, when they play together or when they toss and turn in their sleep - end up with knots so knotty and matte-y, the bub mums (AKA you) have to be ready with a box of bribe snacks, a big brush for loads of screaming, tears and hair breakage! 

Bubans were created to help mums spend less time doing their kids hair and more time playing with them. Silk turbans help in minimising breakage due to knots. 

We encourage you to measure your baby's head before making the size decision. 


Customer Reviews

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Erinn (Adelaide, AU)
Love it

I bought a large which ended up too big, totally my fault, but some quick sewing sorted that. I love this, my hair gets less frizzy, oily, less breakage and it looks super cute. Big recommend

Louise (Melbourne, AU)
Yeah, I get it

Like totally. I thought the idea of wearing a silk turban was gimmicky but no.... I totally get it now! I have very long hair and a big head. Not freakishly big , like WOAH BABY! But I needed a bigger wrap. The larger wrap fits well and with room to spare. My hair doesn't look like a matted mess when I wake and when I brushed my hair in the morning there's less strands in the brush so clearly it's protecting my luscious locks at night. Buy one. You won't regret it.

Jackie (Gordonvale, AU)
Works but is too big

I ordered the medium although my hair is down to my bum and it’s still way too big . I ended up having to put safety pins in it so that it stays on otherwise it just comes off when I sleep or slips down and covers my eyes so I don’t sleep with all the movement . My hair is nicer for it though , just wish it came in a smaller size or was more adjustable .

Lexi D (Canberra, AU)
Changed My Life!

I wear this to sleep every night now, I cannot live without it. I have a small head, fine hair, and damaged frizzy hair and this turban stays on all night and when I wake up my hair is not longer frizzy. It is an essential now, highly recommend!

Florence (Melbourne, AU)
No longer looking like the mad professor

Noticeable difference day 1, I use to wake up looking like the made professor with my hair all frizzy and knotty. No more knotty hair for me. Definitely is less frizzy just in a few days. Very happy indeed.