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Giant Silk Scrunchie
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G (giant) scrunchie

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Gina says:

Bigger is always better! Big hair, big hoops, big butt... umm you get the drift.

So why not a big scrunchie? Working with silk means a lot of leftover fabric, friends in fashion and their leftover silk fabric- What do we do with all this?

Instead of adding it to the landfill and becoming a part of the problem, we are making these cool-girl scrunchies. 

Trust me you will love that "over the top" feeling.

Measurements - 9 - 10 cms 

Material - 100% mulberry silk 

Please note: As these are one-off pieces, we cannot guarantee the colours you want - but if you note your preference in the notes section during checkout we will try to send you the same! 

Currently in stock 

Lime, Bright Pink, bright tie-dyes in crepe silk (yellow/oranges, blues, greens, pinks and oranges)

Customer Reviews

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Saoir Connor Desai (Brisbane, AU)
Nice scrunchie but not the colour I ordered

Beautiful scrunchie but I ordered pink and was given yellow without being told the colour was being changed

Hi Saoir, We are glad to hear you like the giant scrunchie. We always send the colour you request - however in this case we have verified and you did not mention the colour you wanted. Our giant scrunchies are made from the off-cuts and no two are the same. That is the reason there is no option to choose the colour. However, we ask you to add it in the notes of your preference and if we have that, we send it. This order did not have any notes.

Meg (Sydney, AU)
So cute!

I got the blue tie dye and oh my gosh! amazing! it's just adorable! Really wish you could select colours cause I totally want to come back for another one (or two...!)

Kat Bowles (Brisbane, AU)

Fantastic colour! Beautiful fabric and so much fun to wear

Sassa (Subiaco, AU)
The only scrunchie in proportion with my head :P

I have a big head. No, really, like... huge. Gigantic. When I was six, everyone in my class had to measure our skull circumferences, and mine was the largest of all the girls. Hats look small on me, if they fit at all. Scrunchies are lost to my gigantic cranium. Where are my sunglasses? Lost forever in the vast desert of my forehead. But when I put this scrunchie on, you.... can actually see it! And it's so much gentler on my hair than all those tiny ones you can buy - even the ones that say they're designed to damage your hair less. Plus, they're just so damn cheerful.

Of course, you tiny, I mean, normal-headed people will like them too - but for us ladies designed to headbutt our way into history, this scrunchie is really, really welcome!

Sophia Wereta (Perth, AU)
My fav scrunchie ever!!!

So happy with my Giant Damngina Scrunchies.
My2nd order was refunded hassle free when my color choice was sold out.
I will def order more subject to color availabilty.