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51 CMS X 76 CMS - Envelope Closure

Gina says,

This is our love letter to India - home away from home. 

The LTD edition series of pillowcases and scrunchies are made using the same luxurious mulberry silk but hand-dyed by the all women team at 2Up2Down Textiles in Bangalore, India using native flowers and leaves to form unique prints and designs. 

This collab is very close to my heart because the opportunity to work with these incredibly talented women came in the midst of the pandemic and that meant we were in a position to provide work to them when everything else was shut. The project also uses flowers and leaves native to India making it truly one of a kind. The marigold flowers used are discarded temple flowers, dried, powdered to make the orange-yellow speckles. 

Artwork details 

The project took more than 2 months to complete. 

Every pillowcase is unique and no artificial dyes were used. Every print you see is imprinted by nature itself. 

The hours that go in creating these make them a premium product and the price reflects the same. 

The full moon is created using two hand dyeing techiniques - Japanese Itajime Shibori and eco printing. The grey hue comes from alkanet. 

Summer love with the wonderful peachy hues is created using Manjishta/ Indian madder and is extensively used to treat skin diseases in Ayurveda. The leaf imprints on it are made from the leaves of Guava, Silver Oak and Geranium. 

Marigold fields is filled with golden speckles and petals -courtesy of discarded temple marigold flowers and powdered marigold. 


Customer Reviews

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Sian (Brisbane, AU)
So fresh!

Love my new pillow case so so much! It’s the perfect fit on my pillow and is so smooth on my skin. My hair doesn’t catch and it just looks great on my bed to be honest! 😍

J Preece (Adelaide CBD, AU)

Beautiful quality, I will be adding more to the collection shortly! ❤️

Thankyou for the wonderful, quick service.

E. Roth (Albion Park Rail, AU)
Beeyootifull pillowcases 😍

Bought 2 cinnamon coloured pillowcases for my husband and myself.

We have 3 things to say about them...

1. The colour is gorgeous and classy. The pillowcases are so well made and beautiful to sleep on.
2. My husband has rosacea. For ages he had no improvement in the condition. He recently began using coconut oil on his face, which made a huge improvement. We then heard that silk pillowcases can be helpful for the condition, so we chose Damn Gina’s. When he began using the silk pillowcase, it has taken the improvement in his skin condition to another level. Of course, this is not a scientifically or medically provable observation, but we have seen the tangible difference that the pillowcase has made for him.
3. I’m also really pleased that my hair is noticeably less frizzy in the mornings.

We couldn’t be happier with our purchase, and we appreciate this product. Thank you Gina 😘

Josie Grant (Upper Coomera, AU)
Treat yo'self

First of all, the colour/design is SO much cooler and on trend than other silk pillowcase brands. I love that there are more options than just silver, blush pink or blue. I went for the tawny gingham pattern and they look cute AF in my room. Secondly, the silk is amazing quality. It's much thicker and more very heavy weight than other brands I've purchased, it feels like it will easily withstand washing. Haven't tested it out on my curly hair yet (I've been straightening) but my skin is definitely loving it, it's cleared up massively. The price is on the higher end but when you spend 8 out of 24 hours using the product, it's worth it. Treat yo'self!

Eve Caplan (Melbourne, AU)

A simple luxury in these Covid times