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51 CMS X 76 CMS - Envelope Closure

Gina says,

This is our love letter to India - home away from home. 

The LTD edition series of pillowcases and scrunchies are made using the same luxurious mulberry silk but hand-dyed by the all women team at 2Up2Down Textiles in Bangalore, India using native flowers and leaves to form unique prints and designs. 

This collab is very close to my heart because the opportunity to work with these incredibly talented women came in the midst of the pandemic and that meant we were in a position to provide work to them when everything else was shut. The project also uses flowers and leaves native to India making it truly one of a kind. The marigold flowers used are discarded temple flowers, dried, powdered to make the orange-yellow speckles. 

Artwork details 

The project took more than 2 months to complete. 

Every pillowcase is unique and no artificial dyes were used. Every print you see is imprinted by nature itself. Note these pillowcases are slightly lighter in weight than our regular cases to so it's easy for the natural dyes to penetrate. 

The hours that go in creating these make them a premium product and the price reflects the same. 

The full moon is created using two hand dyeing techiniques - Japanese Itajime Shibori and eco printing. The grey hue comes from alkanet. 

Summer love with the wonderful peachy hues is created using Manjishta/ Indian madder and is extensively used to treat skin diseases in Ayurveda. The leaf imprints on it are made from the leaves of Guava, Silver Oak and Geranium. 

Marigold fields is filled with golden speckles and petals -courtesy of discarded temple marigold flowers and powdered marigold. 


Customer Reviews

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CuppaT (Perth, AU)
Great quality

I ordered two of the forest green and love the quality. Nice and thick material, doesn’t feel fragile which I appreciate & great for curls. Smooth but not slippery. Will be especially nice in the summer heat. Would definitely recommend.

Ellie Bunic (Melbourne, AU)
Luxeeeee baby!

Got the silk cases in white, great quality and looks so gorgeous and lux on my bed. My husband mentioned how nice and cool it feels on his face and head I agree 100%.

Imogen Barker (Langtree, AU)
Silk pillowcases - the only way to sleep!

Amazing. Ultimate comfort. The best sleep ever. Happy, healthy hair! I had been eyeing off the silk pillowcases for a while, and finally took the plunge to buy them. I’m so glad I did, because every night I feel like I’m sleeping at a fancy hotel, and my hair has never been happier! No more knots in the morning, no tangles or frizz! My hair keeps it’s volume overnight (whether wet or dry) and it’s never looked better. 100% worth buying - I love them!

Jacqueline Tudman (Adelaide, AU)
silky slips

We really enjoy sleeping on the silk pillowslips....thicker than many others, the green is better than I thought, and they are not so slippery that your head falls off! just smooth and cool. They never seem to be too hot, even on a hot night.

Jc (Sydney, AU)

Deliciously satisfied with this purchase. I have been wanting one for a long time and this was worth the wait. Goodbye wrinkly and patterned skin in the morning. Hello fresh and soft morning skin! Feels delightful with my silk cap too! It’s a nice large size so that it fits any pillow too. I usually sleep with my silk cap but on the days I don’t this reduces frizz and feels lovely to fall asleep on. Colours true to the pictures. Love love love.